Sleep Analysis Reports

Sleep analysis reports are the more detailed portion that is summarized as Rest/Inactivity. Addictive cellphone use, which DCUA detects, is manifested in the need to constantly be communicating with someone, all day long. This can result in fatigued drivers. Our rest/inactivity analysis measures the maximum time that the driver does not use the cellphone during a 24 hour period. This is the maximum possible rest time a driver could get. To maintain accuracy, we only include active cellphone use by the driver; calls that roll over to voicemail donít count, for example. Looking at the daily pattern of maximum cellphone inactivity, it is possible to see if an applicant displays possible fatigue issues or whether a driver is in violation of federal rest requirements. DCUAís detailed sleep analysis report gives you numerous ways to look at the data including the color coded summary report, or the daily details bar chart, shown in Figure 2.

This is the actual analysis of a driverís cellphone bill. He had 9 straight days with less than the required rest. On the tenth day he crashed. In the month before the crash, the driver only got proper rest on 33% of the days! Obviously a very fatigued driver.