Cellphone Use while Driving Reports

Cellphone Use while Driving Reports are the more detailed portion that is summarized as Voice Activity or Text Activity in the post-employment driver safety monitoring summary report. Because DCUA uses both the driverís cellphone bill and the driverís logs it is possible to know if the cellphone was used while moving. DCUA offers a detailed breakout of calls received, calls placed, texts received, and texts sent both while driving and while stationary. DCUA only includes active cellphone use by the driver; phone calls that roll over to voicemail, donít count, for example. The raw data from DCUAís analysis is provided to the trucking firm in common format, like csv, so the firm may choose to apply their own pass/fail criteria on the cellphone behavior. Any use of a cellphone while driving is a federal violation and can cost the trucking firm up to $70,000. This detailed analysis of the drivers cellphone use while moving allows the firm to identify problem drivers, intervene and take remedial action, saving lives, protecting persons and property.