Driver's Cell Phone Use Analysis Reports

Driver Cellphone Use Analysis offers color coded reports so it is easy t see the troubled drivers. Pre-employment screening reports use just the applicantís detailed cellphone bill to build a cellphone use profile. The applicantís behavior in the three areas analyzed, voice activity, text activity, and rest/inactivity, are color coded as Green/Yellow/Red based on whether the cellphone use is excessive compared to the average person.

Because a pre-employment screening is done with only the cellphone bill, there are gray areas, denoted by yellow in the report summary where cellphone use becomes worrisome but is not so bad to out-and-out reject the applicant. For example, the applicant may have up to 8 days a month with less than 8 hours of rest/inactivity, which he can claim is on weekends or at least not on workdays, but lack of sleep on every day off from work is worrisome if not a show stopper. Post-employment driver safety monitoring uses the driversí cellphone bill and his driversí logs. This allows DCUA to compile a detailed cellphone use profile during the driverís workday and while moving. This more complete data analysis can be better targeted to actual behavior on-the-job, and this behavior is subject to more strenuous requirements than those for a pre-employment screening. So performance is red if the driver uses the cellphone while moving, which is a federal violation, or if the period of inactivity is less than the rest required by federal law, indicating a failure in behavior, and green otherwise. In addition, the post-employment driver safety screening will reveal if your dispatch office was contacting your drivers being monitored at inappropriate times. This allows remedial steps to be taken to provide a safer workplace.