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Utility companies are now able to offer internet services, franchise cable TV (including HDTV) and phone service to homes through the same electrical wires used to provide household electricity due to a physical layer technology known as Broadband over Powerlines (BPL). The technology is not new, and quite to the contrary, it has been available since the early 1970's however BPL in combination with a nearly ubiquitous Internet has given the old technology a new life.

BPL is simply a lower layer protocol that allows signalling to be sent over existing power lines and through a home's wiring without affecting the electric service to the home or business. This simultaneous Internet and electricity is accomplished by using a "noise resistant" modulation technique. The Internet, based on standard protocols is injected into the electric company's power network at substations that serve 50 to 200 homes. Once injected by a simple device standard internet protocols transverse wires to homes providing internet at every electric plug in each home. A simple modem that essentially provides an IP address for the user is plugged into any outlet in the home and all the capabilities of high quality, high speed internet become available to electric utility customer.

Is it real? Can any plug in your home or office be an internet access point? Millions of customers confirm it. Broadband over Powerlines is a simple, true plug and play internet access that will rival DSL and Cable TV.
Cable, Fiber and Wireless face a new competitor for the triple play. An old and reliable technology that provides services over existing home wiring is capable of providing and billing Internet, Telephony and HDTV to consumers and businesses with a low cost of entry.
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