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Wireless, Cellular, PCS, Internet and Telephony
Expert Witness Services, Ben Levitan

Ben Levitan is one of the most sought after legal expert witnesses in multiple telephone and data technological areas.

A proven authority, Levitan’s career has spanned more than 25 years in the field of cellular communication and includes 27 patents in cellular technology innovations.

Levitan is an extraordinary asset to attorneys seeking case assistance in the fields of wireless, cellular, PCS and telephony. He is certified as a testifying expert in Federal and State courts.

Levitan assists legal counsel with:
  • Evaluation of pretrial discovery
  • Preparation of questions in technical matters for depositions
  • Determining the facts of a matter and suggesting case strategy
  • Writing subpoena language and providing proper service address for required data
  • Producing and reviewing opposing depositions
  • Testifying with exhibits and preparation of the attorney’s material, questions and cross examination
  • Producing technical tutorials for the legal team and for juries relating Levitan’s area of expertise
Areas of Expertise
  • Wiretap (CALEA) Analysis
  • 9-1-1 Wrongful Death Cases Analysis
  • Location-based Cell Phone Evidence
  • Evaluation of billing records and CDRs
  • Internet Telephone, Messaging, SMS, MMS, Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Patent Infringement Matters
  • 3G CDMA, TDMA, GSM & AMPS, UMTS and interworking Cellular Telephony
  • Third Generation Wireless/Cellular Architecture
  • Federal Mandates (Wiretap, CALEA, LNP, WPS, 9-1-1, PCS, E9-1-1, W9-1-1)
  • Telecom Standards including IPTV, CCITT, TIA, TR45, 3GPP, 3GPP2, BPL, PLC, OPERA and ITU
  • Satellite Communications
  • Push-to-Talk (PoC, PTT)
  • Aircraft Passenger Communications
  • Wireless Fraud, Authentication and Validation Issues
  • Telecommunication Intellectual Property Rights (regarding issues of validity, timely disclosure, ITC prep)
  • Other Federal, civil and criminal matters involving telephone evidence and other digital evidence
Ben Levitan
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Ben Levitan…
…has more than twenty years of telephone industry experience and is an expert on new and developing wireless, data and cellular standards for ANSI-41, GSM, and 3rd Generation Systems.

…is active in the U.S. and international development of ANSI-41, GSM, All-IP (3G Standards), Inter-standard Roaming, call control via ANSI-41 and SIP and FCC and U.S. Government mandated features (wiretap, 9-1-1, wireless priority access) and requirements.

…can break down technical subjects into language a jury will understand and help you become educated on specific areas of technology.
Work Experience:
Mr. Levitan has worked for …
Nextel Communications, Inc., Verizon, GTE, TSI, Sprint, ALCATEL, Telecommunications Services, Hughes Aircraft Company, COMSAT and Aeronautical Radio, Inc (ARINC).
Recent Accomplishments
  • Nextel’s Top Innovator Award
    • 27 patents submitted for application
    • 4 trade secrets developed and held by Sprint
    • 2 Patents awarded
    • 4 patent applications currently on public review
  • Nextel Performer award for $750,000 savings
  • Federal death penalty reduced to seven years for case built solely on cellular phone evidence. Engaged as the telephony expert.
  • Selected by McGraw-Hill for “GSM Handbook” to publish 2009. Several other books authored.
Curriculum Vitæ (CV)

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